Your Pictures, Our Priority: A Comprehensive Backup Plan


Your Images Are Safe With Us.

At Jeremy Haynes Wedding Photography we take customer service seriously and are always looking for ways to give our clients the absolute best experience they could ever have. One of the many ways we do this is through the careful handling of your images. We talk about this in the resource "How Do I Find A Wedding Photographer." You can also read more about how we edit our images on our FAQ page and Package Pricing Page.

 Today we want to share with you about what happens to your photos after an engagement session or after our wedding photographers capture your wedding. We want you to feel completely comfortable that your images are being handled properly and with care. 

Backing Up Images at the Engagement Shoot and Weddings

Before we get into that, allow me to say that I go through great lengths to make sure that your images are well protected even before getting back to office. While I am taking your pictures at a wedding or engagement session, each image is being backed up to a secondary memory card in real time. With each click of the camera every image taken has an identical image on another card. How great is that? This is only the beginning. (Current Backup Count = 1)

Backing Up Images at the Office

Once I arrive at the office, I immediately import the RAW formatted images into the computer using software to verify that each image has been download correctly from each memory.

After the pictures are copied to the computer, the images are backed up to a small portable hard drive and placed into a fire safe. Once this is done another backup copy is made on another larger hard drive. (Current Backup Count = 3)

Backing Up Images Off-Site 

To make the images even more secure, your images are physically backed up on a hard drive located off-site. Why would we do this? While theft, fire, and other tragedies are rare, we want your images to be safely tucked away in many locations in case an event were to occur. Doesn't that just make you breath a little easier? :) (Current Backup Count = 4)

Backing Up Images Online

To finish off this crazy back up plan, during this whole time that we have been handling and working on your images, they have been backing up to two different secured online databases! (Final Backup Count = 6)

Why Do You Have So Many Backups?

At this point some may ask "Six backups! How many backups of images do you really need?" My answer is that you can never have enough backups and the methods that are used to backup weddings and engagement photography should be diversified, instead of relying entirely on hard drives, online solutions, or worst of all - having no plan. 

These pictures are your treasured memories. They are very special to you, which makes them very important to me. That is why I have come up with this system that we use on a daily basis to ensure that they will be delivered safely into your hands.