Private Residence New Castle Wedding | Ashton + Zach

New Castle Wedding Photographer

Private Residence New Castle Wedding | Ashton + Zach

Please enjoy this fun outdoor New Castle wedding photography featuring Zach and Ashton.
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New Castle Private Residence Wedding Ceremony

Bride’s Wedding Preparation

We are excited to share with you the wedding of Zach and Ashton. Get ready because there is plenty to share. The preparation for the wedding place to place in the bride’s home, which was tucked away in a beautiful property in New Castle. Seriously this place was incredible! You can tell that a lot of thought and planning had gone into making this day perfect! Meanwhile the guys were getting ready at the neighbors house.

Ashton’s parents told me about a cool area surrounded with pine trees. It was like something out of a painting. With careful attention we spent a few moments taking pictures outside in nature with all of its vibrant colors!

First look with the Bride and Groom

Bridal Party Group Pictures in New Castle

It was never a dull moment with this crowd. :)

New Castle Wedding Ceremony at Private Residence

As we mentioned earlier, this wedding location was very pretty. While the wedding ceremony went mostly according to plan, we saw something that we have never seen before at a wedding.

When asked for the wedding rings, the best man froze in terror and his face turned white. Yep, it is every best man's nightmare before the wedding: forgetting to bring the rings. Fortunately the best man was an incredibly fast runner and after a quick break of comic relief, he ran to the house and back in a few moments. As you may imagine there was a smile on the face of every guest. :)

Wedding Reception at New Castle Private Residence

Couple Pictures

Reception Photos at New Castle Wedding

Wedding Information